Colonsay Wool Growers
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Colonsay Wool Growers

Based on Balnahard Farm on the Hebridean island of Colonsay, Colonsay Wool Growers produce a unique range of yarns and products from the fabulous fleeces of the sheep born and shorn at Balanahard Farm.


Our Garden string is made from the tough, hardwearing fleeces of the Blackface ewes.

Our Yarns, Knitting kits and Knitted accessories are made of the softer fleeces of the Blue Face Leicester, Lleyn and Teeswater crosses. Hebridean fleeces are also blended in, adding their rich brown colour.


We hand dye our wool in small batches using natural botanicals. Bog myrtle, heather and mosses used are picked on the farm and produce lovely muted colours.

Our Pot Still Yarns range, is a collaboration with Colonsay Gin. Utilising the distilling tails and spent botanicals from the Colonsay Gin distilling process to dye our wool, creating a palette of natural botanical colours for this limited edition range.

Where to buy

Our Colonsay Wool Growers range is available to buy in our new shop, Seapink Colonsay Arts & Wares … still pink and still by the sea. Find us not far from Scalasaig Harbour, just 400 yards on from the General Store, heading north towards Kiloran.


You can also shop our range online via the Seapink website.

Colonsay Wool Growers Sheep