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Gem of the sea

What is it about Colonsay that draws the visitor back to it, again & again?

​Is it the miles of pale sandy beaches and sparkling clear waters, the rugged cliffs or the rolling machair? The still, shimmering lochs, the stunning sunsets, the flora and fauna or the unpredictable weather? Is it the remoteness, the two hour ferry crossing or just the unspoilt beauty?

At just 10 miles long and 2 miles wide, with a population of a little over 100, Colonsay sits on the edge of the Atlantic, with only the Du Hirteach lighthouse standing between it and Canada. Islay and Jura lie to the south, with Mull to the north. The island is rich with history. Legend has it that Colonsay was the first place St Columba arrived when he set out from Ireland in 563AD. However, he found that the coast of his homeland was still visible from the hills, so he moved on north to Iona and founded his monastery there.

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