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Balnahard Farm 

Located on the stunning hebridean Isle of Colonsay, Balnahard is a mixed beef and sheep hill farm, producing knitting yarns, knitting kits and ready to wear woollen accessories. We also supply the island with homegrown beef & mutton, and will be offering self-catering holidays in the 1860s farmhouse again in the future.

Colonsay Wool Growers

“Provenance is everything to me and I really enjoy the challenge of producing a good quality yarn on our remote Hebridean island farm.


And although the plants that grow here produce a limited palette, to me that is their beauty and I embrace this, rather than hankering after other natural dye stuffs produced in other places.

Knowing exactly where the yarn and the dyes have come from is at the heart of Colonsay Wool Growers.

 We only use wool from our own sheep and only dye with plants that grow abundantly on the island.”

Sarah Hobhouse

If you are visiting Colonsay please come and see us at Seapink Gallery where you can browse our range of products and find out more about the sheep and the dyeing processes.

You can also shop all our Colonsay Wool Growers range online here.

The sheep graze freely across the farm at Balnahard and if you are walking up to Balnahard Bay you will definitely see them around.

Walkers and cyclists are very welcome, but there is no vehicular access.

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